7 Of The Most Extreme And Dangerous Stairs On Planet Earth

Some of these are the most challenging, rewarding and scenic hikes you will ever experience.

They include a mixture of ingenuity, suspense, history and excitement.

Not to mention, these are some of the most phenomenal works of architecture around.

Like the Haiku Stairs in Hawwaii, or the Heavenly Stairs in China… If daring hikes and heights are your thing, here are 7 of the scariest stairs of all time.

1. The Verruckt, Kansas City, USA


The Verruckt is the world’s fastest and tallest water slide approaching up to 168 feet. Not only is going down the slide terrifying, walking up the steps is almost as bad.

It’s comprised of 264 steps which winds around the slide’s tower leading up to the summit. It’s about a foot higher than Niagra Falls, insane!

2. Florli Stairs, Norway


This staggering staircase begins at Floril Power Station and takes you up to 2,427 feet, which amounts to 4,444 steps made solely of wood.

If you dare attempt this treacherous hike, a panoramic view from atop this staircase awaits you. It’s well worth the reward.

3. Haiku Stairs, Hawaii


You know a staircase is dangerous when the government decides to band it from the public. The Haiku Stairs contain 3,922 steps and lead to the summit of Oahu’s Koolau Mountain Range.

It’s even been described as the ‘Highway to the Heaven” and was built in 1942 by the US Navy originally intended for installing communication wires. It was popular among hikers following World War II until 1987 when it was closed for safety concerns.


(More info: HERE)

4. Mount Hushan’s Heavenly Stairs, China


Located on Mt. Hushan, these stairs are almost a vertical latter at first glance. They can only be climbed using chains of iron.

Once you get past the narrow horizontal walkways, a view of heaven is guaranteed.


(More info: HERE)

5. Cable Route of Half Dome, California, USA


Here is probably one of the best places to get panoramic views of Yosemite Valley and the High Sierra The path that leads to the summit is an entirely different ball game though.

In order to climb the shiny rock you will need a cable ladder for more than 400 upright feet.

6. Inca Stairs, Machu Picchu, Peru


These rock steps were built by the Inca dynasty nearly 500 years ago. 600 feet high, steeply carved steps outline it.

The stair is comprised of some extremely narrow parts and is flanked by the ancient wall from one side and the deathly Valley of Urubamba River toward the other.

If you make it to the top, you’ll come upon Moon Temple nestled atop the Huayana Picchu Mountain to catch a glimpse of the scenic ruins.

7. Kalavantin Pinnacle, Maharashtra, India

Panvel in Maharashtra is home to one of the most astounding architectural beauties in India.

The summit is popular with hikers and features extremely steep and absurdly narrow steps carved in the rocks of the peak.


The steps are like that of the curves of a serpent wriggling along the rugged rocky walls with a  vertical incline path of up to 70 to 80 degrees which makes the climb nearly impossible without crawling on your knees and using hands to grip the next step.

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