Guys Unique Christmas Gift To His Girlfriend Might Just Be The Sweetest Present Ever

It’s often said that what people remember most about you is how you made them feel. Whether you made them feel like the only person in this big world or like the dirt on the side of a trash can; people WILL always remember how you made them feel.


The present he gave his girlfriend, she’ll definitely remember, even if things don’t turn out as planned for these two. And really, who can top this gift if she ever decided to break up with him? Yeah – fellas take notes OR write some notes? Tiffany’s and luxury are great and all but nothing trumps the sincerity displayed from the heart and translated into a 365 day gift.

It started with a simple mason jar.


He then filled the Mason jar with 365 notes color coordinated.


Each color represented a quote, memory, or reason why he loves her.



Each day, she will pull a note from the jar and start her morning with a smile.




One note of love for 365 days.

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