Guy Uses Plastic Tupperware To Create A Custom Gel Fire Pit That Looks Awesome

Perhaps the first thought that comes to mind when thinking of building your very own DIY fire pit, is that it could potentially require a tremendous amount of work. However, that’s not actually the case. Fire pits are everywhere now and it may be a lot easier than you probably expected to install one of these in your own backyard this summer. It’s also a lot cheaper than you would have guessed and it’s definitely looks pretty freaking cool. Here are few things you’ll need:

Plastic tupperware

Screenshot (129)-Optimized

Quikrete cement

Screenshot (130)-Optimized


Screenshot (131)-Optimized

PAM cooking spray

Screenshot (132)-Optimized

Fire gel

Screenshot (134)-Optimized

Bag of lava rocks

Screenshot (137)-Optimized

Finished product

Screenshot (139)-Optimized

Now check out the entire DIY project below from popular YouTuber Jeff Patterson… as he shows you how to make this awesome gel fire pit.

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