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Guy Transforms Cracked Old Tree Stumps Into Magical Looking Lamps

You’ve seen the cloud lamp and the lamp that predicts weather, but have you seen the log lamp? Unconventional lamps have become quite a hit on the web lately and this one is no different. Lighting designer Duncan Meerding based in Tasmania has created these awesome log lamps which utilized the cracks in the wood. The lamps are versatile too allowing you to use them as a lighting accessory and a stool.


According to Meerding, “the Cracked Log Lamps are made from salvaged logs which would otherwise have been burnt. These lamps embrace, rather than avoid the naturally occurring cracks in refuse logs.”







You can check out these and more from his website here. Prices for the lamps start at $350…. Be sure to give this post a thumbs up and a share with you friends on Facebook before you go.

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