Guy Released From Prison After 44 Years Experiences What It’s Like To Travel To The Future

At the age of 25, Otis Johnson went to jail for attempted murder on a police officer. He remained there for 44 years. Upon his release, the world and technology had drastically changed, to say the least. As he stepped foot onto Times Square, he described to Al-Jazeera what he witnessed and discusses his transition into a world that had fundamentally left him behind.

“Re-entry was a little hard at first, because everything had changed. I got off at Times Square and was looking at the atmosphere. The new things that was happening. And I seen everybody, or the majority of people, they was talking to themselves. Then I looked a lot closer and they seem to have things in their ears…IPhones they call them or something like that.” It’s as though someone pressed pause on Johnson’s life in 1970 and pressed play again in 2015.

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