Guy Pranks His Girlfriend In The Cruelest Way Possible… By Blowing Up Their Kid

This is without a doubt the meanest prank, EVER. What a terrifying moment for a mother to experience. Thankfully, it’s fake but nonetheless, he’s lucky she didn’t rip his head off for this one. YouTube prankster Roman Atwood pretended to blow up his son in front of mommy dearest.



It starts off with three-year-old Kane having harmless fun on a quad with his dad Roman. Mom comes over to see them riding the quad and steps away to grab her check book. As she’s away, Roman then switches Kane with a realistic replica dummy and sets him off toward the woods using a remote controlled quad.

Mom, frantically runs toward the quad attempting to save her boy (the fake dummy). The quad then goes airborne over the wooden ramp and into the woods. A fiery explosion occurs and of course mom’s heart literally drops. Check out her understandable reaction for yourselves.


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