Guy Posts Incredibly Terrifying Instagram Photo Just Before Tragically Falling To His Death

This photo is terrifying in and of itself, but the story behind it is now quite tragic. Gareth Jones, a Cambridge graduate, and veteran base jumper, took this photo only before tragically falling to his death. Jones was dangling his feet off a 300-foot drop at North Head Cliff located in Manly, Sydney.



 This would be his last picture

Another day another happy place. #manly #vans #fear

A photo posted by Gareth (@bugsbunnyslife) on

Three days later, Jones returned to the exact same spot he took the picture, only this time, he fell…

According to the Daily Dot: On Sunday morning, Jones got up early to watch the sun rise with his friends on the cliff. Onlookers spotted him climbing over the safety fence to get to the edge of the cliff minutes before he fell. Jones’s Instagram account now lives on as a tribute to his incredible life and to the lives he touched along the way.

(H/T Uproxx)

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