Guy Makes A Working V6 Engine Out Of Paper, And It’s The Coolest Thing

Some of the first cars on the market were V6’s and were built in 1905 by a company called Marmon.

Marmon was basically a V-Specialist that began with V2-engines, then built V4’s and V6’s, later V8’s and in the 1930s Marmon was one of the few car-makers of the world which ever built a V16 car.

Paper planes and origami is what usually results in paper folding escapades. Not this time — it ended with a V6 engine made entirely of paper and it’s pretty awesome!

Only the pistons side surfaces were covered with scotch tape and the model runs on compressed air.

If you liked that, check is recent build made from paper… A V8 engine! Don’t forget to give this a share with your friends on Facebook before you go.

h/t: Reddit

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