Master Caver Makes 10 Cuts Into A Single Block Of Wood And Creates Pliers

Want to see something pretty incredible? Okay good, check this out!

Watch as world master carver David Warther shows how to carve the (infamous) working wooden pliers by making only 10 cuts in a small piece of wood.

Now to be clear, this isn’t cutting out pieces and fastening them together with a bolt or something….

No, these are pliers made entirely out of one block of wood, no assembly required.

I know one thing for a fact, I would have probably sliced off nearly all of my fingers. LOL…. Seriously though, how cool is that?! True talent!



Starts at 1:30 mark

Pretty cool huh?! I know this looks pretty easy, but when you have a master carver like David Warther doing it pretty much anything wood related is going to look easy.

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