Guy Hilariously Pranks Girlfriend For Snooping On His Phone, And She Goes Absolutely Crazy


This guy from the Czech Republic thought that his girlfriend had been going through his cell phone when he wasn’t around. What’d he do? He thought it’d be hilarious to catch her red handed. To do this, he called a buddy and his girlfriend over to take a photo together in bed. Then, he had his real girlfriend over, pretended he needed to use the restroom, and sent that fake photo to his cell phone from earlier.

And she fell into his trap perfectly: she picks up his phone while he’s taking his fake leak. But, what wasn’t expected was her response. She understandably went insane and seemed to be hyperventilating a bit. She crammed a bag, awesomely stabbed his TV with a pair of scissors with and stormed out of his apartment building. Finally, the guy caught up with his girlfriend and explained it was all a hoax, but she was immeasurably furious. As we all would be…. Check it out below, LOL.

(H/T Elite Daily)

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