Guy Builds A Homemade Arc Reactor From Iron Man

If you’re not familiar with the arc reactor that Tony Stark (Iron Man) has in his chest, it’s basically there to keep shrapnel from entering his heart and killing him after being attacked by Ezekiel “Zeke” Stane in Afghanistan.

It’s a long story and it changes drastically throughout the comics, but you can read more into that if you like.

Since Iron Man is pretty popular (okay extremely popular) it’s no surprise you can find a lot of DIY projects on how to create your own replica arc reactor…. some are okay, while others are actually really well done.

Bradley Lewis, a video game developer, falls into the second category. When one of his buddies asked him to build an arc reactor for his Halloween costume he couldn’t pass it up.


He made the light diffuser out of plexiglass scrap and rounded it off with a lathe


He then cut a channel for the wires to go so the LEDs could illuminate in the right spot


The outside edges were then rounded by using a cutting tool and sandpaper


He then wired up all of the LED lights


The Base of the reactor is made from a Forox animation camera lens mount, motor stators, and an aluminum disc



To save time, electrical tape was used instead of wire wrap



That’s pretty amazing right! You can check more out about Bradley at his website, and also follow him on Facebook.

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