Someone Finds Old “Grow In Water” Egg And Puts It In Water, Regrets It 23 Hours Later

Alright, buckle up! It’s time for a fun blast to the past, that’s right, back to the weird and wacky world of vintage toys.

Each generation seems to have a delightful buffet of bizarre toys that, in hindsight, make us exclaim, “What the what?!” We’ve all been there. Remember the Furby? That little obnoxious fluff-ball that just wouldn’t shut up?

Yup, we can thank our ingenious friends David Hampton, Richard C. Levy, and Caleb Chung for that. But wait! There’s more! Strap in for this wild ride, folks. Remember those expandable water toys? You know, those mysterious objects you’d dunk in a tub and watch them transform before your very eyes?

All thanks to superabsorbent polymer technology from the swinging 60s. These curious things could quadruple their original size in water, like a sponge on steroids.

So, there’s this Tumblr user who stumbled upon one of these Jurassic toys at Goodwill. It was like finding a fossil, but less scientific and more baffling. The suspense was as thick as peanut butter as they wondered, “What in the world will this grow into?”

And so, the experiment began! After 23 nail-biting hours of watching, waiting, and sharing some side-splitting ‘scientific’ commentary on their progress, the reveal was… drumroll, please… something totally weird and unexpected! You know, just another day in the surreal playground of oddball vintage toys.


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