These High-Tech Granny Pods Lets Your Aging Parents Live In Your Backyard

The new solution to a dilemma many families face is MedCottages or Granny Pods that will give their elderly relatives their own, independent space while remaining close to family or caretakers.

Many of us, at one point in our lives, will come to terms with the tough decision of where to house our elderly relatives in the most dignified way.

These choices require careful thought and consideration so that all involved are content and comfortable with their decision. The small cottages were invented by Reverend Ken Dupin and measure 12 ft. by 24 ft. and fit in any backyard conveniently.

Each of them were specially built with the safety of senior citizens in mind. Each pod comes complete with a small kitchen complete with appliances, a bedroom, and bathroom all with safety features.

Granny Pods

granny pods

Within the cottage is also a pill dispenser that can be easily accessed and filled with supplements.

Webcams have been set in place for monitoring by family members and a padded floor to cushion any falls that could occur.

As far as technology, this thing is up with the latest technology around. It comes with tiny robotic features that monitor vital signs, filter air contaminants, and even sends alerts to remind its occupants that it’s time to take various supplements.


The communication, which is vital to all, is state of the art as well equipped with high-tech video and text/cell technology included. Pods include alert systems which notify caregivers the status of their loved ones.

Currently, there are three models available so you can choose the right one for you family’s needs.





The granny pods come in three different designs and you can check out more information over on their website.

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