Grandma Uses A Special Paint To Block WiFi And Mobile Signals, Her Reason Why Makes Perfect Sense


Meet 72 year-old Stefanie Russell, she’s not taking any chances with the supposed dangers that WiFi and mobile signals cause to the human body. What she’s done is have specialists coat her home in anti-radiation paint, in hopes of blocking harmful WiFi and mobile phone signals. In case your wondering how much that costs… it was $6,412…. But she does have a legit reason.

7dbe0fe70f76f26ab0db74eba8cce8dddd96fab7-OptimizedPhoto credit: Brighton Argus

According to Yahoo News, Russel suffers from electro-sensitivity, a medical impairment that causes headaches. The pain is so harsh that she can’t take the bus due to the sheer number of mobile devices used onboard.“I’ve not been diagnosed by a doctor, but my GP surgery is aware of my condition,” she said. “It makes it difficult for me to get around and see people. I don’t touch the Internet or email…. it’s not safe.”

The painting is nearly complete, a total of four layers inside and out. Her next step is to warn children about the dangers of WiFi and mobile signals….

(H/T Yahoo)

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