Incredible Closeup Photo Of A Gorilla With Vitiligo Reveals Human-Like Fingers

Gorillas display a range of traits similar to humans, and a captivating photo from Zoo Atlanta illustrates this perfectly. This photo reveals that gorillas, like humans, can have unique skin conditions.

Anaka, a Western Lowland Gorilla, is a prime example, sporting pink pigmentation on her typically dark fingers. At first sight, her hand, captured in an extraordinary close-up, might be mistaken for a human hand with vitiligo. However, it’s actually the hand of this stunning gorilla.

Anaka’s hand photograph exposes its intricate details. It allows us to observe the folds on her fingers and her petite nails. According to Zoo Atlanta, Anaka’s distinct pink finger pigmentation makes her easily identifiable within Taz’s family group.

Interestingly, Anaka shares more than just physical similarities with humans; she also exhibits relatable personality traits. As reported by Zoo Atlanta, she is often found clamoring to her mother and others for food and juice, much like a demanding child. Additionally, she enjoys piggyback rides from her siblings, reminiscent of a playful younger sibling. Doesn’t that sound familiar?

h/t Twisted Sifter – Images via ZooĀ Atlanta

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