Lost GoPro Found Two Years Later With Incredible Footage Of The Earth From Space

Here’s something cool that happened when five friends decided to launch a weather balloon equipped with a GoPro, camcorder, and cell phone over Arizona.

After building the device, calculating its trajectory, and registering it with the FAA, the five friends sent it out into the desert. For a while, they were able to track the balloon using GPS and their attached smartphone.

Sadly, they lost contact with their weather balloon when it floated too far out of range. Months went by and the group continued to wonder where their balloon ended up.

Interestingly enough, a hiker spotted the balloon 50 miles from its launch site and the box with their names in it. He gave them a call and the group was reunited with their project which yielded incredible photos.

After retrieving the data, the group learned the balloon reached an altitude of 98,644 feet, with a total time of 1 hour and 38 minutes. Check out the team’s spectacular images below.

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