Google’s Incredible New Finger Control Technology Is Straight From The Future

Your handheld device just got whole lot smarter, thanks to Google. This past Friday, Google’s lab for advanced projects revealed a new technology that allows you to move your fingers in the air in precise motions to control objects on your smart phone.



Project Soli is what Google has titled it and uses radar waves that detect the precise finger movements or finger “micromotions.” The results were astounding and futuristic. You won’t have telekinesis; but you will feel like you’re Tom Cruise in the Minority Report.

During a demo, the founder of Project Soli was even able to kick a virtual soccer ball just by flicking at the screen. In 10 months, Google shrunk the chip of technology that enables Soli, into a small fingernail-sized chip. This will allow it to integrate into smaller electric devices such as smartwatches.


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