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Top 5 Alternative Sites To GoMovies For Streaming Movies Online

Some online moving streaming websites are completely free and probably one of the most popular is GoMovies.

Increasingly over the years, more people are cutting cables and switching to online entertainment. Streaming sites such as Netflix are now where people watch most of their TV shows and movies.

Not only is GoMovies free, but there is an huge catalog of content. By browsing their vast library you can find movies and entire television series of every possible genre. Because of their wonderful navigation menu, it is incredibly simple to browse by several categories and find exactly what you are looking for.

You can search through one of over thirty unique genres they have listed, by release date, by country, or even by recently added to the website.

Many of these websites don’t look so great on mobile. They sport clunky designs that certainly weren’t made with mobile in mind. This is not the case with GoMovies. It works beautifully on mobile devices with a dynamic menu to fit the needs of differently sized screens.



Not only is the picture quality great, most newer titles are also in high definition. The one exception to this is when you find a movie that is still in theaters. Usually, these movies are of poor picture quality as they were simply filmed with a small camera or hidden smartphone in a movie theater.

If it’s close to the awards season, you may get lucky with some leaked HD movie screeners, but this is usually only around December and January. If you like subtitles when checking out a movie or binge-watching an addictive TV series, GoMovies has excellent subtitles with a good amount of their content.

While some streaming sites might have incorrect, or slightly out of sync subtitles, this doesn’t seem to be the case with this streaming service.

While this service is completely free there is an option to buy a premium membership. With it, you get access to several features to make your experience even more enjoyable. The first benefit is you no longer need to watch ads on the website.

If that isn’t enough, you get a system to add movies and shows to your favorites list, even more videos have subtitles, and picture quality is further improved.

Once in awhile, you may not be able to find exactly what you’re looking for, but if this is the case, here are 5 more of the best streaming websites to check out.



Out of all of the completely free streaming websites online, FMovies is likely one of the best looking. The design of their aesthetic is incredibly slick with the dark background and light blue accents. The dark background is especially relaxing for the eyes when viewing your screen in a dark room.

Many of these websites have bright white backgrounds. That can look very clean, but the white background can be very harsh on the eyes when watching at night.

On the main homepage, they have a consistently updated section of featured titles. These are usually successful movies and widely popular television shows, so it’s easy to find that movie or show that everyone is currently talking about. And even if you are looking for a slightly more obscure title, it’s really quite easy to find.

FMovies has a huge content library with just about anything you could want. If they don’t have a specific title, you can request that it be added, which is a really useful feature.

Like many of the successful free streaming sites, this one links to multiple servers for each movie or episode in case one is having a slow time.



Vumoo is more of a newcomer to the online streaming scene. However it has come on quite strong during it’s short time. Upon first visit you’ll see it’s clean and minimalist design that makes the website easy to navigate. The complete lack of clutter will be appreciated by anyone.

The menu system is simple, yet covers all the necessary genres and other search parameters that are common for people to use.

One noticeable difference for this completely free website compared to other free streaming sites, is how easy it is to download movies directly. You don’t even need to register for an account to have download access to all their titles.

This is especially useful if your internet can be slow at times and you prefer to download the entire movie or episode so you don’t have to pause every few minutes for buffering. It’s also useful if you want to load up your device with entertainment before a long flight.

Regardless of your reason, it’s a useful feature that usually requires a subscription or at least registering an account on most other streaming websites.

Amazon Prime Video

amazon prime video

Amazon Prime Video is considered one of the top three paid subscription streaming sites along with Hulu and Netflix. The difference with Prime video compared to Hulu or Netflix, is it is included for free if you have an Amazon Prime account anyway. While this service was originally made for faster shipping to prime customers, access to Prime video has quickly become one of it’s main selling points.

Unlike a lot of the free streaming websites, it  has some of the highest quality picture and audio around. Almost all titles are available in at least 1080p some are even now streaming in 4k.

They also have a wonderful selection of movies and television series, along with exclusive, original content that they create themselves.

For mobile users, Prime Video has a well-designed app that lets you access all their titles. It looks especially great on large tablets. Any movies and TV series you are watching on one device, is automatically synced across all devices, including your computer.

This means if you need to pause it on one device, you can pick it right up on another device without a hassle.

Sony Crackle

sony crackle

Sony Crackle is an interesting free streaming service. While some free streaming websites can be a bit shady with how they have sourced their content, Crackle sources all their content completely legitimately. The upside to this is that you’re usually going to have great picture quality.

The downside is you aren’t going to have quite as large of a library as some of the other free streaming websites out there. That isn’t to say that Sony has a small library of content, but it is a bit more limited, similar to Amazon Prime Video.

Because of their limited library, there are quite a lot of older movies and less popular titles filling out their suggested titles to make it appear larger than it is. This isn’t the site to search for a specific movie or show that you need to watch, but it can be entertaining to find something random to watch.

Because it’s completely free, there are unfortunately some intrusive ads throughout your streaming. With a shorter television show this isn’t so noticeable.

However when watching a longer show or a movie, an ad instantly playing in the middle of a character’s dialog can be jarring. It’s similar to YouTube in that regard, yet the ads may be even more frequent.



Tubi is a newer competitor to sites like Netflix. This is a legitimate service that can be used on any device, including video game consoles and smart TVs.

While it doesn’t have nearly same size content library as Netflix, what set’s it apart is that it is completely free to watch their entire library. However, you do need to register a free account.

Navigation of it’s content is great, and the menu system works great on their large number of supported devices. It’s just a shame that the content is lacking in quality titles.

There are a few rare gems, but most of the titles featured are either straight to video movies, less popular television series that struggle to find a home on other services, or some lackluster original programming.

Since Tubi is still pretty new, there is a good chance their library will improve with time. However, in it’s current state, it’s best to use this one in addition to other streaming services like GoMovies. Using it exclusively isn’t the best idea. Just check back for those rare hidden gems from time to time.

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