This Sealed Garden In A Bottle Hasn’t Been Watered In Over 40 Years

In 1960, David Latimer decided he’d fill a huge glass bottle with dirt and seeds to see what would happen.

Besides a single watering in 1972, the glass terrarium has been completely cut off from fresh water and air, but still managed to form its own self-sufficient ecosystem.

The year is now 2019, and the once empty bottle is home to a self-sustaining ecosystem. Latimer filled the bottle with compost and lowered spiderworts seeding into the dirt using a wire.

He then packed alter into it and left it in a sunny corner of his house after sealing it. It’s like Latimer created a miniature version of earth complete with photosynthesis and all.




The last time Latimer watered the plant was in 1972. Oxygen and moisture have built up in the glass bottle and even rains back


Here;s how to make your very own glass terrarium

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