Dropping A Piece Of Ice Down An Antarctic Glacier Hole Sounds Unexpectedly Satisfying

Have you ever wondered what a glacier sounds like? Does it have a sound? Science says so. A group of awesome global warming scientists from the University of Rochester studied an 800,000-year-old Antarctic piece of ice and what they found is astounding.

Snow, comprised of layers, compact under their weight forming what are called strata. This stratum reveals past climates which tell scientists a thing or two about Earth’s past.

“We use ancient air trapped in glacial ice from Greenland and Antarctica to learn about how the concentrations and isotopic composition of greenhouse gases and reactive gases have varied in the past, and what these changes tell us about Earth’s climate and atmospheric chemistry,” explained researchers.

While carrying out their research, the team managed to have a little fun and discovered incredible sounds after drilling boreholes into the ice and dropping chunks of ice inside them.

 “When science is done, it’s fun to drop ice down a 90 m deep borehole in an Antarctic glacier. So satisfying when it hits the bottom,” shared Dr. Peter Neff on Twitter.

Take a listen to hear some of the fascinating sounds.

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