Guy Spends 14 Months Handcrafting An Insanely Detailed Ghost Pirate Ship

These ghost ship sculptures that are hauntingly captivating by Jason Stieva will leave in you complete awe.

Their intrinsic detail is carefully crafted by Stieva and is made of carefully constructed pieces taken from flea markets, garage sales, antique stores, and sometimes items found on the roadside.

His most elaborate sculpture entitled the “Leviathan” is a giant ghost pirate ship that measures in at 8 ft x 7 ft long. The “Leviathan” alone took Stieva 14 months to complete. Although his magnificent works are thrilling to gaze upon, Stieva says each sculpture is extremely stressful to transport to collectors.

For over 20 years, Stiva has worked on his sculptures which are inspired by churches, graveyards, art galleries, and even the catacombs of Europe.

Stieva first began touring Europe in 1997 where he derived much inspiration to create these masterful works of Gothic sculptures.

You can follow and check out even more of Stieva’s work over on his Instagram!

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