Hilarious Movie Poster Illustrations With “ing” Added To The End Of The Movie Title

It’s amazing how adding three simple letters like ‘ing’ to the end of the most popular movie titles changes their meaning completely.

Can you imagine what the “Curious Case of Benjamin Button-ing” would be about? Or, “The Jungle Booking,” “Jurassic Parking,” and “Shindler’s Listing”?

One talented Imgurian, shifter2000, began the cheeky series after coming across a thread on Reddit with illustrated movie posters.

The Karate Kidding

Schindler’s Listing

Kindergarten Coping

Dude, Where’s my Caring?

Ice Ageing


Jurrasic Parking

The Jungle Booking

The Curious Case Of Benjamin Buttoning

The Thinging

You can check out the entire Reddit thread here for even more funny movie titles with “ing” added to the end.

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