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Book Nerds Rejoice! This Candle Will Fill Your Home With The Smell Of Old Books

No Kindle or digital book will ever compare to holding a physical book between your hands and fingers. Do you remember the feeling of visiting a library when you were a kid?

There is nothing that compares to the smell of hundreds of books perched on shelves collecting dust and waiting for someone to open them up and have their heart and soul enriched by the ideas and stories that come alive between the two pieces of cardboard that bind them together. Library nerds rejoice.

If you’ve loved libraries all your life, there’s now a candle that smells just like them. They’re handmade in Minneapolis at the Frostbeard Studio. The name of the candle is “Old Books” soy wax and it smells of timber, white tea, newsprint, and aged paper.

They’re one of Etsy’s best-selling candles and make the perfect gift for a book-lover in your life.

Old Books Candle

They also have an Oxford Library Candle

and even a Bookstore!

You can check out Frostbeard’s entire candle lineup over on their Etsy store! Don’t forget to give this a share on Facebook before you go.

h/t: Lost At E Minor

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