Freediver Goes Flying Through An Underwater Ocean Current, And It’s So Surreal

This is actually a really fascinating video, and it’s a collaboration between freediving wizard Guillaume Nery, and filmmaker Julie Gautier…. called Ocean Gravity. They shot the video at Tiputa Pass (known for its swift currents) in Rangiroa, at the Tuamotu Archipelago located in French Polynesia.

All Nery is using is the ocean current to float around near the floor, the way it’s shot and how he moves makes it seem as though he’s floating through space.

Before filming started


Nery had this idea, “to use the strong current during the rising tide to create the visual effect of a body in orbit around a star. The idea was launched and became an obsession.”

“I decided to film without considering the elementary framing rules. I was no longer limited by the idea of top and bottom, like in space,” said Gautier. “In those conditions, I was able to create the natural illusion of a curved planet. The big challenge was to avoid filming the abundant sea life to maintain a spatial and non-marine atmosphere.”

Freediver Guillaume Nery and filmmaker Julie Gautier



Pretty cool huh?! If you like that… check out this awesome Subwing that lets you fly through the water. Make sure to give this a share on Facebook, and don’t forget to drop us a comment below. (h/t Twisted Sifter) (via lesfilmsengloutis)

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