This Frankenstein Tree Can Grow Over 40 Different Kinds Of Fruit At Once

As if trees weren’t already majestic as f***, we meet a tree called the “Tree of 40 Fruit” because it can indeed grow up to 40 different fruits which includes peaches, nectarines, apricots and almonds.

With years of nurturing care from artist and Syracuse University professor Sam Van Aken, the tree branches produce buds of various varieties.

Using “chip grafting,” this artist and professor created trees that bear 40 different varieties of fruits—blossoming into hues of pink and purple. Witness the growth of these magnificent plants.

Dozens of the trees have been planted throughout the U.S. To find out if there’s one near you, click here.

Each tree is purposely planted in locations where people will see them in order to spark interest.

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