Forget Skype and Facetime, MIT’s Shapeshifting Display Is The Future Of Communication

Facetime and Skype have become essential in keeping families and friends closer together whenever there are miles and oceans that come between them. If it weren’t for these incredible technologies, we would only know the voices of those we miss rather than their faces.


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While we are tremendously grateful for these capabilities, there’s something else missing when we Skype or Facetime…. it’s the element of touch. Thanks to the MIT Tangible Media Group, you may be able to communicate with your family long distance through touch.

It’s called the inFORM, and it’s basically a large surface with a series of pins, actuators, and linkages. When a kinetic sensor is added, it gets really cool…. The sensor can accurately map and interpret the position of 3D objects, like the red ball below, allowing you to move the table’s pins with just your hands, thus moving the object.


According to MIT, “almost like a table of living clay, the inFORM is a surface that three-dimensionally changes shape, allowing users to not only interact with digital content in meatspace, but even hold hands with a person hundreds of miles away… And that’s only the beginning.”





Check out the video


That’s incredible! The technology is still under development, and this one is actually only a prototype. Don’t forget to share this with your friends on Facebook before you go. (h/t Diply / The Verge)

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