Forget Hoverboards! The Military Is Building Star Wars Style Hoverbikes

What started out as a Kickstarter campaign last year from Malloy Aeronautics, is now slowly becoming a reality thanks in part to the U.S. Department of Defense. This Star Wars-style hoverbike is basically part-helicopter and part-motorcycle, with two big rotors in the front and rear… with a seat for the driver located in the middle.



So why?? Well, Mark Butkiewicz from the U.S. defense research company SURVICE, told Reuters, “it can transport troops over difficult terrain and when it’s not used in that purpose it can also be used to transport logistics, supplies, and it can operate in both a manned and unmanned asset. It can also operate as a surveillance platform.” The development process will start sometime in the next few months at the US Army Research Laboratory in Maryland.

Early design

military 2

It’s powered by a Flat twin 4-stroke engine

Screenshot (195)-Optimized

Screenshot (196)-Optimized

Here’s a test flight unmanned


There’s no timetable yet on to when these things will actually see these things flying around.. but let us hope it’s sometime soon. I mean seriously?! How sweet would it be to see someone flying this around! (h/t Daily Dot)

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