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The Forever Rose From “Beauty And The Beast” Actually Exists

Fear dead roses no more because Forever Rose, a flower company in London, can create your very own “Beauty and the Beast” rose that will last you forever without sunlight or water!

We’ve all given a rose and received a rose. They’re stunning and smell wonderful, but we all know they’re going to die.

We try to feed them, cut their stems, and pour fresh water into the vase hoping that somehow this beautiful rose will live longer to be admired for its ethereal beauty.

They’re protected underneath a glass dome and come in countless colors and arrangements. Of course, the most popular rose is the Bella rose available in 29 colors starting at around $200.

You can check out more from the Forever Rose over at their website! Also, if that doesn’t fit your budget, there’s always Etsy.

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More info: Forever Rose (h/t House Beautiful)

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