For 450 Years No One Knew Where The Cursed ‘Mars’ Warship Was, Until Now

It was a challenge to find this incredible piece of shipwreck history… while many did attempt, they ultimately failed. It was the largest warship in the world, at one point, and was named the ‘Mars’ meaning… Roman: God of War. Like many warships during that time it was torn apart during a brutal naval battle in 1564, resulting in nearly 900 Swedish and German sailors, a fortune in gold and silver coins at the bottom of the Baltic Sea when the ship sank.



The ship now lies 250 feet beneath the Baltic Sea and is actually in a remarkable state of preservation. Not only is there a well-preserved ship at the bottom of the sea…. but also treasure, lots and lots of treasure. One coin is even estimated at 13,000 Euros. Researchers and their crew will leave the Mars at the bottom of the Baltic to protect it, and use three-dimensional scans and photographs to share the wreck with the world.


Cool video of the expedition


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