Incredibly Fascinating Tricks Food Photographers Use To Make Food Look Delicious

Have you ever noticed how good your food looks in commercials or on the boxes they come in?

Have you ever been disappointed when you get home to prepare what you just bought at the grocery store (like a frozen pizza, or something) only to find out it tastes great but looks nothing like the picture?

That’s because food photographers do a bang-up job of photographing the food we eat. They use expert tips and tricks that make your mouth water and sell you on the product.

These photographers aren’t executive chefs, but they are magnificent tricksters when it comes to photographing the food they’re trying to sell. Everyone knows food doesn’t tend to last very long. It expires quickly.

Sometimes food doesn’t look all that great and needs a little bit of cosmetic help, too. Oh, you mean you thought that was gooey chocolate ice cream on that cardboard tub of ice cream? Nope, it’s actually mashed potatoes with food coloring added to it. And that pizza couldn’t possibly be that cheesy like it is in the commercial, can it?

Here’s a secret: Photographers mix Elmer’s Glue and mozzarella cheese together in a bowl and then spread it underneath the slice they’re cutting. That gives it that ultra-cheesy gooey effect you see in commercials and on pizza boxes.

Just watch the video and prepare to be mindblown.

h/t: Daily Muligan

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