21 Times People Totally Won The Food Lottery

There’s no better feeling than getting more than what you paid for, especially when it comes to your favorite food.

You see, hitting the lottery doesn’t always have to do with money, although that’s still pretty sweet, too. Sometimes, it’s possible to hit the food jackpot and feel pretty good about it.

How cool is it to pay for one orange and get two? Pay for one bag of chips from a vending machine and get what’s in the entire machine?

Or, to purchase two frozen pizzas and find three frozen pizzas instead? If receiving double for what you paid for is your thing, the gallery below will be ultra-satisfying.

1. Mini orange inside an orange

credit: HLSD

2. This vending machine distributed everything at once

credit: rbards

3. Watermelon has almost no rind

credit: hardlyworking_lol

4. This avocado with no pit

credit: acharles331

5. Two… How about 3?!

6. Multiple strawberries fused into one


7. Double yolk eggs


8. Green bell pepper growing inside a red one

credit: Bluntster

9. Second skin of chocolate

credit: kayrayohkay

10. Mini skittles


11. Giant lemon

credit: CaboseTheMoose

12. Giant blueberries

credit: janethehuman

13. Five peanuts in one shell

credit: Crimhoof

14. Tiny egg inside an egg

credit: etherisedpatient

15. Triple kiwis

credit: Deallyo

16. Grapes fused

credit: darko81

17. This banana was two

credit: OmaBerebeer309

18. One long marshmallow

credit: calicoJill

19. This giant lucky charm

credit: SethJerome

20. Bakers Dozen

credit: lexgrub

21. Mega Sour Patch Kid

credit: FLaWxLesS

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