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This Magical Robot Will Perfectly Fold Your Laundry In 10 Seconds

All those who hate folding laundry, say “aye.” This is pretty much unanimous, especially for parents.

I guess could technically hire someone to fold your laundry for you…or, you can get yourself a FoldiMate.

It’s your “laundry folding friend” and it’s here to save the day.

It’ll fold your garments in perfect right angles in less than a minute.

Simply clip your garment into the integrated rack and Foldimate with take care of the rest.


This folding machine isn’t on the market just yet (pre-orders start in 2017), but if you’re interested in NEVER folding laundry again, you’ll need to dish out anywhere from $700 to $850.

The laziness in me says yes, but my bank account says no… LOL!



FoldiMate is able to neatly fold, steam, de-wrinkle, and even soften your clothes using your fabric softener of choice


Each garment takes about 10 seconds


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