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Top 5 Similar Sites To FMovies For Streaming Movies Online

FMovies is a movie and television series streaming website. Unlike popular streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video, FMovies is completely free to its users.

In the modern day trends of online streaming, instant push-button entertainment, and endlessly binge-watching addictive television shows, sites like FMovies were always inevitable.

It doesn’t require a monthly subscription of any kind, and best of all, users are not even required to create an account to begin enjoying movies and TV programs.

The streaming website has only existed for a few years so far. But in that short time, it has become one of the most popular free movie and TV streaming websites. This is largely due to how extremely easy it is to use and it’s sleek, modern, and uncluttered design. Many have compared it to more official streaming services such as Netflix.

The nice thing about Fmovies is its abundantly large media collection available. An amazing amount of movies and television series can be accessed, far more than even streaming giants like Netflix. Almost every new popular movie and TV show is available, as well as tons of old movies and series.



For movies, it is common to even find them available for streaming while they are still playing in the theaters. Unfortunately, these movies currently in theaters are often of poorer quality, filmed with simple cameras and phones.

An exception are the months leading up to the movie award season, when high quality “screeners” of nominated movies happen to get leaked and uploaded online. This is apparent when a message about it being a screener is repeatedly scrolling at the bottom of the title.

It’s known for having very high resolution streams compared to many similar free websites. Many users have also boasted about it’s higher speed, so the need to wait for movies or series to buffer isn’t very common. The audio quality is equally as impressive as the video resolution, and many of the movies and television shows include accurate subtitles.

This is an important distinction because many free streaming websites such as this often have problems with subtitles being out of sync with no ability to manually correct it. Or worse, they have the wrong subtitles completely. Neither of these problems seem to be prevalent with this streaming service.

While it’s certainly one of the best free streaming websites, below are five more of the best alternatives to FMovies.




SolarMovie is similar to FMovies in many regards. Just like Fmovies, SolarMovie has an incredibly large library of movies and TV series that are regularly updated. It is completely free to watch everything they have to offer. And no account is required to watch either. For Television series, it has a nice autoplay feature within each season of the series.

This is very useful when binge-watching your favorite show. There is no need to navigate to another page to find the next episode. The next episode simply plays after the previous one is finished.

While this streaming platform usually works great, some of the servers their movies and series are linked to can be slow from time to time. This can quickly be remedied by changing to another, faster server, however some older television series have limited availability and are only hosted on one server. This leaves you stuck watching something that pauses to buffer frequently.

Their search function works really well and you can usually find any movie or television series you are specifically search for. However, if you want to use their filtered browsing feature to possibly find something new you might like, it can be buggy at times.




Vumoo is another online streaming website similar to FMovies mentioned above. One of the first things that stands out when you go to the website is the minimal white layout. This makes it extremely easy to navigate and find what you are looking for.

While the media library is commendable, it is lacking a little compared to the first two sites that have been covered. This is especially noticeable when you are looking for older movie titles or TV series.

They have a nice featured movie selection right at the top of the front page, highlighting recently popular movies, some of which are still playing in theaters. Beyond the featured title section at the top, there seems to be an abundance of lower quality titles featured below in other sections. This looks to be due to its placement being based on upload date, rather than critic score or user rating.

The website does include sections where you can browse titles both by genre and by year. However, it could benefit from having a more in-depth search filtering system, similar to SolarMovie. If you are simply looking for a specific movie or TV show, it is still a good choice.




Out of all the websites on this list, 123Movies has likely been around the longest. And like all the other websites on the list, it has cycled through many domain name extensions. Due to the nature of these free streaming sites, they have to change the domain name as old ones get shut down by the governments in certain countries. This one in particular has gone through several domain changes.

Sometimes, these domain changes also include website redesigns due to hosting issues. This becomes apparent to any long-time user. Their latest website looks clean and modern and seems to have the same full library of its predecessors, however the search and filtering functions have been consolidated into a more simplified version.

This can be nice for a user who appreciates easy navigation, however any users looking for more depth in their searches may be slightly disappointed.

Regardless of the minor navigational setback and frequent layout changes, this veteran movie and television streaming website is reliable compared to other websites that seem to vanish as quickly as they appear. The featured movie section at the top is quite nice, and their entire front page is much more helpful than Vumoo’s front page.




Yify is a little different than the other streaming websites above. While the above streaming websites linked entire movies and series hosted on external servers, Yify is a torrent downloading website that uses peer-to-peer technology.

This means that when you go to watch a movie or television show, you aren’t accessing a single server somewhere on the internet. Instead, you are getting pieces of the title you are trying to watch directly from several other people who have already downloaded the same title.

The peer-to-peer torrent system has both some benefits and some drawbacks. The main benefit here is that you are actually downloading the file. Even if you are only downloading it to stream temporarily, this lets you bypass the buffering limit that most of the other websites have.

The downside is that downloading torrents from random peers can be slightly more dangerous than streaming directly from a server. For this reason, many users recommend using a VPN (virtual private network) such as NordVPN when accessing this websites content.

What’s nice about it is that many users don’t even use the website. They simply use apps on their phone or tablet for viewing. This gives it a feel similar to Netflix.



GoMovies is our last entry on this list. It is similar to the first three websites that have been talked about. It is a free movie and television series streaming website that links to titles hosted entirely on external servers. While the layout may not be as sleek as FMovies, it’s still really good.

What sets it apart is the abundance of categories listed at the top of the main page. These categories range from the usual like genre and year of release, to more interesting ones like country, top watched by users, and highest rated based on IMDB ratings.

Like all of the websites on this list, no account is required to watch. However, users can buy a premium account if they want to. This gives them an ad-free experience and also includes some additional features.

Many of these kinds of websites offer premium memberships, but GoMovies is one of the websites where it may be most useful as their advertisements seem to be even more frequent and invasive than most free streaming websites. This can leave the page looking cluttered and messy, and some newer users may be worried about unintentional clicks.

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