These Broken Pots Turned Into DIY Fairy Gardens Look Pretty Awesome

Who said you had to throw away your broken pots? Not today, broken pot.

A new(ish) trend in gardening has to do with converting broken pots into creative garden arrangements.

If you don’t have a broken pot, simply soak one and use a craft drill or file to soften up the pot. Pieces can then be chipped off (as needed) with a hammer.

Then, fill the pot with painter’s soil and arrange the pieces in the soil how you want. It’s really that simple and makes for an excellent addition in any garden.

Check out these cool flower pot ideas below!

1Image credits: Badlay

2Image credits: Saskia

3Image credits: Rebecca Snyder

4Image credits: Sue Matyszak


6Image credits: Susie Morgan Wilburn


8Image credits:  Genevieve Gail


10Image credits: Lynette

11Image credits: Chigiy

12Image credits:

13Image credits:

14Image credits:  Sarah Wynne

15Image credits: Kelli Voss

16Image credits:

17Image credits:


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