You Can Now Watch Time Float On This Magical Levitating Wall Clock

We’ve featured some really cool and creative clocks on CYA, but none quite like this.

Meet STORY: The Levitating Timepiece, a floating silver ball that orbits around a wooden base, counting the hours, minutes, and even years.

It’s really more than just a clock, but a unique way to actually visualize time. Simply connect you smartphone to the STORY app to set the date, time, and to select any of the different modes.

According to Flyte, “STORY is a metaphor of our planet revolving around the sun, reminding us that time is not just something we keep hidden in our pockets, but a physical and shared experience.”

Need to see the exact time?

 An LED Matrix display illuminates through the surface of the wood. It can be set to permanently ON/OFF or appear through motion.

How it works

The clock has three different modes

Journey Mode

Clock Mode

Timer Mode

The clock is currently being funded on Kickstarter with nearly $400,000 already pledged out of a goal of $80,000. So they’ve pretty much crushed their original goal.

Shipping starts in November of this year, and you can pre-order one for $399 here.

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