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This Ingenious Flat Measuring Spoon Folds Like Origami Into Four Different Sizes

Here’s an all in one measuring spoon you need in your kitchen.

Polygons is an original origami-type spoon that lays flat and folds into 4 different customizable sizes to suit your kitchen needs.

The universal spoon folds into whatever size you may need depending on the way you fold it using premarked areas.

All of the spoons are super easy to clean and take up little to no room in the kitchen. It’s practical, simple, and effective.




Polygons fold to whatever size you need depending on the way you pick it up


Premarked areas on both spoon sizes (tablespoon and teaspoon) let you know where to pick up from to measure the volume required for your recipe



It’s seen major success on Kickstarter with over $645,347 pledged so far. You can pre-order over on Kickstarter for $12, and shipping starts in January of 2017.

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