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Finally! Someone Just Invented A Machine That’s Basically A Keurig… But For Booze

Finally!! Someone has created a pod based drink machine that works just like the popular Keurig coffee machines. Meet Bartesian, an awesome programmable counter-top cocktail machine that uses K-Cup-like capsules to create awesome drinks!



Everything you need comes inside the pods, and all you need to do is fill up the glass reservoirs on the side with vodka, rum, gin, and tequila… press a button and BOOM! Founders Bryan Fedorak and Jason Neevel were able to raise funds through Kickstarter in order to bring the Bartesian to market in April 2016. The machine only makes six cocktails at the moment… three classics and three signatures… but will rapidly be expanding that in the future.


The current six cocktails


The pods




Authentic cocktails at the push of a button


Glass Reservoirs


Drip tray


Check it out


You can pre order the machine here for $299, and it also comes 12 drink pods… An additional dozen capsules can be purchased for $20. The machine is set to release sometime in April of 2016. (h/t Eater) (Kickstarter)

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