Artist Transforms Driftwood Into Fantastical Sculptures That Look Like Spirits of Nature

Where you see a log, a rock, a piece of clay or a branch, Canadian artist Debra Bernier sees untapped potential.

While these earthly objects might not look like much to us, Bernier has a knack for turning these ordinary elements into something extraordinary.

Take her driftwood sculpture for example. Bernier turned an unsuspecting piece of wood into a beautiful female goddess-like figure made purely of earth’s elements.

“When I work with driftwood, I never start with a blank canvas,” she told Bored Panda.

“The wood tells a story and I try to think of its journey as I hold it in my hand. I extend or shorten the curves and contours that already exist into familiar shapes of animals or peoples’ faces.”

Nothing in nature is off-limits for Bernier. In the past, she’s used objects like seashells, stones, and parts of plants of trees in the forest to create inspiring maternal figures who invoke a connection to the elements that bind them together.

“The finished pieces are a reflection of not only my life, my family, and children, but of an eternal, sacred connection we all share with nature,” she says.

You can purchase her artwork and sculptures over on her Etsy Shop! Make sure to give this a share on Facebook before you go.

h/t Little Things

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