Artist Creates Amazing 3D Printed Medieval-Inspired Fantasy Armor

Melissa Ng, a self-taught artist who founded the website Lumecluster, started exploring 3D printing and modeling back in 2014. She now creates these amazing intricately detailed fantasy armor and mask designs.

Ng’s latest creation, Sovereign Armor, took he a mind-boggling 518 hours to complete, and this doesn’t even include the time she spent 3D printing it.

This Medieval-inspired fantasy armor is designed to be worn by a woman, but according to Ng the armor’s message is for everyone.

“I made this in honor of the creatives out there who know that, even though it’s empowering to be the ruler of your dreams and creations, you also know how incredibly lonely the journey can often be.”

Ng also recently finished another set of armor called Dreamer Regalia for actress Felicia Day.

20 hours of sketching and research

Here’s the 3D model based on her body measurements

She then rendered the color and LED’s to get an idea of what the final piece might look like

The 3D printed pieces

Sanding and making the surface paint-ready

Pieces airbrushed with hand-painted gold embossed details

115 hours were then spent creating multiple layered lining, LED placement, and connecting armor components

Fantasy Armor

The back

Melissa Ng in the armor

Check out the entire process in the video

You can check out the entire in-depth project over on her website here. Also, check out more from Ng over on her Facebook and Instragram pages.

(h/t Bored Panda) (More info: Lumecluster)

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