Artist Creates Mystical Fairytale Creatures Out Of Polymer Clay

Caralyn Edwards-Tucker left her corporate job to follow her passion: art. Below you will find these mystical creatures made of polymer clay she’s now turned into a business on Etsy.

Mystic Reflections” began as a small website where most of her artwork was only black and white sketches she sold at craft shows. Now, she’s participating in art shows like Dragon Con where she’s won six awards for her various art pieces.

The exposure Tucker receives at these art shows has helped her grow her business exponentially as well as allow more to enjoy her art and purchase it for themselves.

It wasn’t until this year that she sculpted her first Myxies (fairy sculptures), dragons, and other various animals that earned her work even more attention.

She began sculpting these creatures out of clay and then air-dried them before graduating onto polymer clay. Each of Tucker’s sculptures is handmade and one-of-a-kind.

You can check out more and purchase all of these amazing creation over at her Etsy store!

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