Extreme Cold Turned This Ocean Into One Giant Slurpee, And It’s Unbelievable

It’s safe to say most of the east coast may be counting down the days until summer. Winter can be brutal and feel longer than it actually is. The unusual cold and snow in New England has been record-breaking and one photographer was there to capture the moment.


It’s so unusually cold that the ocean has formed “slush waves.” Jonathan Nimefroh, a Nantucket-based photographer captured the slurpee like waves coming ashore that contained ice. The ice formed on the top layers of the ocean in shallower waters. It was a late February cold snap that broke all-time records and gave us these “slurpee waves.”



Late February cold snaps are the worst!



Here you can see the just how cold it has been on a global temperature map. I would sure hate to be stuck in the dark purple and pink regions. Brrrr. Hang in there New England.



If you liked the slurpee waves you can check out more from JDN Photography here. Also, be sure to share it on Facebook with your friends and drop us a comment below. (Photo credits: Jonathan Nimefroh) (h/t mashable)

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