Exoskeleton Hand Lets You Feel Virtual Reality And That’s Not Even The Best Part


Ever wonder what it would feel like to be able to touch something in virtual reality? You might, in 2015… Meet Dexmo… This hand motion-capturing device is like a glove in the form of an exoskeleton. This crazy awesome device provides a way to work together with the digital world. It even allows you feel the size of the virtual object you’ve picked up on screen which is called “haptic feedback”. It might even affordable ($65), if Dexta robotics can manage to raise the funds via Kickstarter.

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There are two devices: in a classic form and F2 variants (the latter being the device with heptic feedback) –it can even be used as a robot controller. The classic version is used as an input device that can be used to control mechanical hands and arms. Even better, it can be used to disable bombs (Hurt Locker anyone?)! What else can the Dexmo do? Well, it can mix music a la Imogen Heap and control a remote-controlled cars and smart lighting. Be sure to check out the video.

(H/T engadet)

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