Guy Incredibly Captures The Amazing Evolution Of A Tornado

Photographer Jason Weingart created this amazing photomontage of the evolution of a tornado that formed north over Minneola, Kansas on May 24, 2016.

The photo pictured below is a composite of eight images taken in two separate sequences. According to Weingart, “This prolific supercell went on to produce at least 12 tornadoes and at times had two and even three tornadoes on the ground at once.”

This amazing picture recently won the Wikimedia Commons image competition for Picture of the Year 2018.

Evolution Of A Tornado

Credit: Jason Weingart on Wikimedia Commons

Full Evolution Of Tornado Near Wray, Colorado

According to Reed Timmer on YouTube, “This tornado was rated an EF2 but likely was much stronger over the open, rural grassland north of Wray. This is a textbook hook-slice intercept.”

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h/t: Twisted Sifter

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