22 Evil-Looking Buildings That Could Easily Be Supervillain Headquarters

What’s a supervillain without his/her lair? What would Loki be without Asgard, Magneto without his orbital base, and Doctor Doom without Latveria?!

These diabolical characters require uniquely wicked havens as they attempt to destroy mankind. While we know comic book villains don’t exist in real life, it doesn’t mean we can’t build awesomely creative buildings that look as though they were made to house some of the evilest villains around.

From a dancing house in Prague to a train station in Lyon to a congress center in Hangzhou, and a research institute in Berlin each of these architectural wonders is impeccable.

1. Philadelphia City Hall, Philadelphia, USA

James Losey

2. Buzludzha, Bulgaria

Nikon Morris,KamrenB Photography

3. Mahanakhon Tower, Bangkok, Thailand

Jackrit Singhanutta

4. Polygone Riviera, France,dominique andré

5. Riverside Museum, Glasgow, UK

Targn Pleiades

6. Former Research Institute For Experimental Medicine, Berlin, Germany

Barrie Leach

7. Fort Alexander (Plague Fort), Saint Petersburg, Russia


8. Catholic Church, Paks, Hungary

József Rozsnyai

9. Bahnhof Office Built Into A Former Anti-Atomic Shelter, Stockholm, Sweden

Albert France-Lanord (A)rchitects

10. Maison St Cyr, Brussels, Belgium

Andrew Peter Martin,Philippe GHESQUIERE-DIERICKX

11. Clermont-Ferrand Cathedral, Clermont-Ferrand, France
12. Dc Tower I, Vienna, Austria
13. The National Library Of Belarus, Minsk, Belarus


14.  Expiatori Del Sagrat Cor, Mount Tibidabo, Barcelona, Spain

amoschapplephoto,Adrián Pino

15. Hallgrímskirkja, Reykjavík, Iceland

Daniel Williams

16. The Maze Tower, Dubai, UAE

17. Temppeliaukion Church, Helsinki, Finland#18 Oakley Headquarters, Foothill Ranch, Lake Forest, USA

kosmologi,Jorge Láscar

18. Oakley Headquarters, Foothill Ranch, Lake Forest, USA

Ed McGowan

19. Basque Health Department Headquarters In Bilbao, Spain


20. Aiguille Du Midi, French Alps

Frank Mulliez,Nick Chamnong

21. Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi, UAE

AndersenFC,Aziz J.Hayat

22. Taipei 101 Observatory, Taipei City, Taiwan


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h/t Dorkly

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