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Evil Clowns Are Roaming Around One Small Town In California, And It’s Terrifying


There’s just something about clowns that absolutely terrifies me…. probably thanks in part to Stephen King. Nothing is more creepier than driving down the street late at night, and seeing a clown holding balloons while staring dead at you. Well that’s what’s happening in California, in the small town of Wasco.


Residents have been reporting these creepy clowns roaming around the city since October 1st. The clowns are in different costumes, which leads some people to believe that it’s more than just one person…. it’s actually pretty obvious it’s multiple people. Some of the residents are even actively searching for them throughout the city to take pictures.





Wasco-Clown-Optimized(via Daily Mail) (Photo Credits: Wasco Clown/Instagram)

Pretty creepy right?! If you live in the town of Wasco and you’ve seen them, let us know in the comments. Also, make sure to give this a share on Facebook.


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