Everyday Objects Stripped Of Their Functionality Is Extremely Infuriating

Here is what everyday items would like if they were stripped of their functionality. The humble items include doors, chairs, and hangers.  When they’re carved and stripped this way, we are free to view them in the alternative narratives the artist provides.

The sculptures were created by Jaime Pitarch who has been exhibiting his art around the world since the early 90s. Jamie is represented by the Spencer Brownstone Gallery and currently resides in Barcelona, Spain.

1. Abject, 2006
Chair, wooden shavings from chair legs
2. Cyclops, 2002
Modified eye glasses
3. Momentum, 2009
Deconstructed and reconstructed aluminum ladder


4. Hung, 1997
Modified coat hanger
5. Momentum #14, 2006
Deconstructed and reassembled chair, teacup
6. From Nowhere to Nowhere #2, 2006
Deconstructed and rebuilt door

Here’s another list similar to this one I think you’ll enjoy – These Frustrating Versions Of Everyday Objects Will Infuriate You Beyond Belief.

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