The World’s First Building Covered In Evergreen Trees Looks Absolutely Magical

Soon, Switzerland will be home to the first apartment tower in the world covered in more than 100 trees, 6,000 shrubs and 18,000 plants.

The incredible structure was created by Stefano Boeri, an Italian architect who previously designed two towers in Milan as well.

The 36-story apartment tower will reside in Lausanne at a height of 384ft and was named, “La Tour des Cedres” (The Tower of Cedars).

Why trees? Good question – the plants will protect the residences from harsh winds, dust, and noise pollution while providing a stellar view of the city.

Stefano Boeri’s 384ft apartment tower will be the first vertical evergreen forest in the world


“La Tour des Cedres” (The Tower of Cedars) will have more than 100 trees, 6,000 shrubs and 18,000 plants over 9,000 square feet


The plants will protect residents from dust, noise pollution and harsh wind



Below are two similar towers that Boeri has already built in Milan, Italy


Bosco Verticale are a pair of residential towers



You can check out more information about this and other projects over at Boeri’s website and Facebook page.

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