The Emerald Cockroach Wasp Is A Perfect Example Of Nature’s Dark Side

The emerald cockroach wasp, or jewel wasp, preys on cockroaches and can only be found in tropical regions like South Asia, Africa, and the Pacific islands.

It’s known for its unusual reproductive habits which involves using roaches as hosts for their larvae. They attack cockroaches by stinging them twice with a careful amount of venom to disable the roach’s escape reflex.

The first sting disables the roach’s front legs and the second sting is injected directly into its brain. The venom then takes affect and the roach is essentially limp, but not dead. The wasp then lays her egg, seals the whole, and a new wasp emerges one month later having consumed the roach’s organs to survive.

While the wasp is certainly interesting and nightmarish at the same time, the stellar narration and camera angles make it that much more compelling to watch.

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h/t Reddit

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