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This Hilariously Adorable Egg Holder Turns Your Eggs Into A Pack Of Penguins

This penguin-themed egg holder is the cutest piece of kitchenware we’ve ever seen. The Egguins designed by Peleg Design carry up to 6 eggs in a heat resistant, food-safe plastic holder.

The eggs are stored in the belly of the penguins and come with a long handle that stays cool so you can easily boil the eggs and immediately store them.

“The world of Peleg Design revolves around three basic principles: functionality, aesthetics, and humor. It is a world motivated by continuous curiosity with the explicit purpose to transform what was once an average, been-there-done-that concept into an innovative and truly exciting experience.”

They add a touch of cuteness to any picnic, family gathering, or a champagne brunch. To get your very own Egguins, visit there website.

You can also check out the rest of there adorable products over on Amazon!

h/t: Yanko Design

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