This Amazing ‘Earth Table’ Floats 50,000-Year-Old Wood Inside Resin

This Earth Table is made out of prehistoric millenary Kauri Wood from New Zealand. Designed by family-run Italian furniture design firm Riva 1920 and Renzo Piano who designed the table base, it makes for one uniquely artistic and functional table.

Resin and 50,000-year-old wood inlay create a stunning surface where light filters through to create an interplay of light on your floor. Interestingly, the wood selected for the table grew for 2,000 years in New Zealand before being preserved in peat.

Wood pieces of up to 50,000 years old were also harvested using a long and arduous process to achieve the look of the surface.

“It wants to be a stylized representation of the earth,” Riva 1920 describes. “The wooden parts metaphorically representing the continents and the resin sections the oceans.”

This stunning resin table was created using rare millenary Kauri wood from New Zealand

You can find the stunningly beautiful Earth Table in its loft installation at IMM Cologne 2017.

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